You Are A Hologram

You are a hologram projected into the world based on how you want people to see you.

From our earliest childhood, we learn to adapt masks and personas that are designed to get us the response and attention from others we seek.

We learn that hiding parts out of ourselves means less heartache and less embarrassment. 

But the inevitable result is also less connection, less self-acceptance, and less love.

As we continue to get away from real, authentic and in-person connection, the people in your world become three dimensional projections through social media that you try to connect with.

No wonder there’s a crisis of loneliness in the world – epidemic levels of depression, anxiety and hopelessness.

Your projected hologram is trying to connect with other projected holograms. It’s impossible to be authentic and vulnerable when everyone is playing a character they want the world to believe is them.

The cure for loneliness is to look someone you care about in the eye and listen. See them. Give a stranger a hug. Feel them.

Be honest when you need help, a hug or support.

Stop trying to convince the world you’re so strong and amazing and successful.

Start acknowledging and feeling the emotions that your heart is so desperate for you to connect with.

Bring the humanity back into your human form.

The world needs more of you and less of what you wish you were.