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This free 10 Day Program shows you how to immediately reduce stress and anxiety, increase performance and attention, and get better sleep .. all by learning to breathe properly.

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Change your life by learning to breathe. really?

I know it probably sounds crazy, and I wouldn’t have believed it myself a several years ago.  

But what started as a journey into my own mental and emotional wellness brought me to learn the power and importance of proper breathing.

I was shocked at how simple it is to use our breath as a tool to manage our mental and emotional health. I started sharing some of the practices with friends, and saw equally impressive results and feedback.

You’d think that we all just ‘know’ how to breathe, since we do it constantly from the moment we’re born — but science is now showing that many of our mental, emotional and physical diseases and conditions have at least some root in our breathing.

I decided to publish this 10 Day Program as a free resource so that anyone can benefit from such a simple and effective solution to many of today’s demands.

I hope you enjoy it!

WHAT's INCLUDED IN THE 10 DAY 'basics of breath' Program:

3 short and simple sessions per day

Each day, you'll receive 3 simple and concise guided audio lessons, each between 5-10 minutes long.

9 different breathing practices

You'll learn a complete toolbox of simple practices that allow you to Awaken, Balance or Calm yourself.

Basic and advanced exercises and tips

You'll learn not only basic exercises and practices, but advanced tweaks to customize them for your situation.

there's nothing to buy. You're also welcome to share this free resource with friends and family!

Have no fear – I hate spam more than you do! Your email is safe and will never be sold or shared.​