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If you're an Entrepreneur or High Achiever ...

YOUR journey to healing and transformation begins here.

Despite all you’ve accomplished in life and business .. do you feel like there’s something missing?

Long ago, you went all in — building what you thought was the life and experience you craved.  You struggled and sacrificed, took risks and worked harder than anyone you know .. because you believed that one day, it would all be worth it.

Yet despite all the success and validation you’ve achieved .. it’s still there.

In those moments you sit still with your thoughts and you’re honest with yourself, you can feel that empty hole inside. Like a dull tooth ache.

Something that just doesn’t go away.

You thought that once you achieved ‘this’ .. or finally earned ‘that’ .. or became a particular way .. that everything would somehow come together and feel complete.

You’re here because you’ve come to realize that empty hole you feel inside will never be filled with anything external.

And worse, all the efforts you’ve made in trying to feel complete, like you’ve ‘made it’ .. have caused you to move away from what really lights you up.  You’ve been driven to do what you think you should .. at the cost of losing touch with your deepest intuition and highest self.

The only question now is this:  are you ready to truly do something about it?

It’s time to heal the wound you’ve been carrying around so long.

I'm Greg Habstritt.



I get it .. because I’m one of you.  I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 8 years old.  Among many other things:

  • I’ve put two of my own companies on Canada’s 100 Fastest Growing Companies List.
  • I wrote one of Canada’s all time best-selling real estate investing books.
  • I’ve spent over 11,000 hours coaching and teaching business owners and high achievers.
  • I’m also a certified breath work instructor .. a certified psychedelic therapy facilitator .. and a certified transformation recovery coach.

My background and experience is definitely unique.  Perhaps it’s the different kind of approach you might be looking for right now.

Your biggest business problems

are just personal problems,

dressed up in a suit.

After starting and running more than 20 businesses, hiring more than 400 employees, and coaching hundreds of business owners in every possible industry .. I came to a huge realization every problem you deal with in business is because there’s something going on inside you. As entrepreneurs, we want to think it’s our business that’s the issue .. but it’s not.

Having issues with finding and keeping good people, or struggling with partners?
I guarantee you have unresolved issues around trust, relationships, communications or healthy attachments.

Have you lost the passion you first had when you started your business?
This comes from being disconnected from your higher self and deepest intuition .. which leads you to chasing a vision that isn’t really yours.   I know from experience — climbing the wrong mountain is a heartbreaking thing.

Expenses climbing just as quickly (or even faster) as you generate more revenue? 
You’ve undoubtedly got challenges or traumas in your past that limit what you believe you’re worth and that success can’t come without deep struggle and fear.

Afraid to raise your prices or say ‘no’ to a long time client?
I don’t need to tell you that you’ve got issues around needing to please others, and being terrified to have someone be upset or offended by something you do.  Rejection is a bitch, and it can control not just you, but the entire trajectory and success of your business.

The list goes on and on .. but I can assure you, what’s holding your business back is not your business.

It’s you.

But here’s the good news — the fact it’s not some external force holding you back means that you are in position to resolve it.

Let's Unlock Your deepest potential.

You’re here because you’re looking for something you haven’t found yet.

Perhaps you’ve hit a plateau in business or life .. and you’re looking to get unstuck.  

Maybe you’re feeling a disconnect or discomfort deep in your soul, and you know that it’s keeping you from showing up 100% to those you love.

Have you been working hard for so long, only to look up and realize you’re not exactly sure what you’re doing it all for?


My approach draws on more than 30 years of business experience and success, while also bringing together ancient tools and technologies that I’ve used and learned for my own journey — like breathwork, hot/cold exposure, embodiment work, psychedelic and plant medicine therapies.

I believe I have a unusual arc of experience and knowledge that makes me unique as a business coach.

I don’t waste time on superficial ‘mindset’ tactics that don’t cause breakthrough changes and transformation.  I help you go deep into your soul and unlock your greatest potential.

I have a lot of business experience and a successful track record, so I can help you with any business problem you might have.  But I can tell you now, if you’re willing to do the deeper work on yourself, the business will take care of itself.

Everything you want is waiting on the other side of fear — and I’ll walk through the fire with you, giving you the guidance and support you need.