Did You Choose Your Path, Or Did It Choose You?

Most people decide what path to take through life in a logical, intelligent fashion. 

Often times, they decide they want a big house, a fancy car, a vacation house and the latest gadgets. They recognize the cost of such a lifestyle, and point their ship in the direction they can make the most money. Make enough money, and they can buy anything they want.

Or, perhaps their path is driven by their parents and their expectations of them becoming a doctor, a lawyer, an accountant or some other occupation which will bring pride to the family.

The complete opposite could also be true — maybe their father was a workaholic who never had time to come to a soccer game and missed countless birthday parties.  The result is deciding “I will never be like him” and shunning any kind of career or path that required significant time commitment or dedication.

Regardless of the motivation that drives the decision, the career path is forged in complete isolation and neglect — totally ignoring the breadcrumbs and signs from the universe that yearn to take them in a different direction.

They stop playing the musical instrument they love so much because school and work consume their time. 

The easel and art supplies go in the closet, or the sports gear gets put into garage and then eventually sold to make way for the new car they worked so hard to buy.

The things that lit them up are put away, sold, discarded, ignored and rationalized away .. only to find years later that they mysteriously feel adrift, off course and disconnected.

They start to question their path. One day they stop, look up and ask themselves, “what the hell am I doing?”

There’s no mystery to it.

The very things that their heart and soul crave have been cast aside to make way for “important” things like money, career, work and socializing.

And then they wonder why they feel out of alignment .. unfulfilled .. and catch themselves questioning their life and choices.

The path that wants to choose you is always there and available. 

One decision can change your entire life. It’s never too late to let your path choose you.

Victor Frankl wrote, “the real question is what is life asking of me? It did not really matter what we expected of life, but rather what life expected of us.”

So .. take a quiet moment and truly give yourself a minute of space. Ask yourself, what is life truly asking of you?

Therein lies the first step towards bringing your heart and soul into alignment in your life decisions.